About us

Habilitation VI UK  (formerly MISE)  is a group of professionals who work with Children & Young People (C&YP) who have a visual impairment. We have many different titles such as Habilitation Specialists, Rehabilitation Workers, Mobility Officers and O&M Teachers, depending on the context in which we work. See FAQs

We are all  Specialists  in Mobility & Independence Skills with one aim; to maximise every child’s potential for independence.

Our work focuses on teaching Mobility and Independence skills and this is an essential component of The Specialist Curriculum for C&YP with a visual impairment. Our students are usually in the age range of birth to 19 years old although many Specialists now also work with  young adults who have a visual impairment up to age 25, since the publication of the SEND Guidelines 2015 .   A considerable proportion of the C&YP that we work with have additional disabilities such as physical and learning disabilities.

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