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Training courses to qualify as an Habilitation Specialist

There are now two main entry qualifications into the profession of Habilitation Specialists. If you are coming from outside the field you may like to consider:

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Habilitation Work- working with Children and Young People- Top up degree BSC hons

An alternative route for those already qualified as Rehabilitation Workers is the BCU BSC top up course.

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Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight Graduate Diploma Course at ULC Institute of Education (IOE).

Specialist Qualification in Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight (Children and Young People) Grad Dip | Prospective Students Graduate (

Successful completion of this course enables you to meet the National Habilitation Standards and Qualify as an Habilitation Specialist on completion of your probationary year. You must still apply for registration and ensure you have achieved the relevant braille levels.

All other courses need to be submitted to the registration panel for peer review. Short courses, unless supported by extensive experience and additional training are unlikely to qualify for registration without additional CPD being undertaken. All applications are viewed on an individual basis.  Peer review is designed to assist existing practitioners meet National standards. All new entrants to the profession will be expected to have undertaken one of the qualifications above.