Mission Statement

The aim of HabilitationVIUK is to maximise the mobility and independence skills of children and young people with visual impairments. This may be achieved through individual training of students with visual impairments by Registered Qualified Habilitation Specialists, or by supporting parents and other involved professionals to maximise mobility and independence. All training offered by Registered Qualified Habilitation Specialists (RQHS) will meet the National Quality Standards for Habilitation Training. As part of registration RQHS are required to undertake regular relevant continued professional development, which keeps them apprised of legislation changes, good practice and developments in the field.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to a wide range of curriculum resources, through the website member pages
  • Access to a broad range of local and national HAB VI UK approved CPD
  • Opportunities to attend a national conference at a reduced fee
  • Access to reduced fees for the National Education Union (NEU)
  • Access to advice, help and support from a Regional Executive who also organises local CPD training and meetings each year. Local issues are then discussed at the National Executive meeting.
  • Access to a Mentoring Service for those professionals working in isolation and need advice, help and support
  • Opportunity to be placed on the Register of Qualified Habilitation Specialists once completed the probationary period and have attained the relevant qualifications
  • Opportunity to build a network of local and national Habilitation Professionals to help promote the profession and influence policy
  • Student and graduate networks

What is Habilitation?

Habilitation involves one-to-one training for children and young people with a vision impairment. Starting from their existing skills, it aims to develop their personal mobility, navigation and independent living skills.

At whatever age the training is started, the overriding goal is to maximise the child or young person’s independence, opening the way in the future, to further study, employment and an independent life.


About us

Habilitation VI UK are a group of professionals who work with Children & Young People (C&YP) who have a visual impairment.

We have many different titles such as Habilitation Specialists, Rehabilitation Workers, Mobility Officers and O&M Teachers, depending on the context in which we work.


Parents and Carers

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is best for your child.  Here you will find information to help you support your child with a vision impairment in achieving their potential in mobility and independence skills.

Habviuk has a public presence on twitter and pinterest as well as open and closed facebook pages.



There are now two main entry qualifications into the profession of Habilitation Specialists. If you are coming from outside the field you may like to consider these.

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Latest News


The Habilitation VI UK 2021 conference will be held on Wednesday 3rd March. Details of how to book this event will be announced in November.


Angela Wood

Angela Wood

Chair of HAB VI UK

Suzy McDonald


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Kate Reed


We would like to welcome all Habilitation Specialists and those students in training, to join our membership.   We are a team of professionals who are very passionate and motivated about the work we do. The Executive Committee work jointly with partner organisations, Universities and stakeholders to strengthen our voice to build a national and equitable programme of Habilitation Services  within education. As a valued member of HAB VI UK you will be an integral part of our vision to embrace a  cohesive and professional unity that strives to change the lives of children and young people with a visual impairment, to help support the families and ensure best Practice across the UK.