he image shows the cover of a children's book titled "Sit Tim!" from the Collins Big Cat series. The cover features a colorful illustration set in a park. On the left, there is a man with dark hair, wearing a blue shirt, green suspenders, and blue pants. He is holding a white cane, indicating that he is vision impaired. Next to him is a small brown and white dog with a happy expression. On the right, a young girl with ponytailed brown hair, wearing an orange jumpsuit and light blue shirt, is smiling and looking at the dog. In the background, there are scenes of a park with trees, a pond, and people walking and cycling. The authors' names, Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler, along with the illustrator's name, Roman Diaz, are mentioned at the bottom of the cover.

Improving the Representation of People with Vision Impairments

HabVIUK and VIEW are really pleased to have worked with Collins publishers to ensure the accuracy of this vision impaired character in one of their new series of phonics books. They’re a great long cane user and even has the correct grip!

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