image illustrating neural pathways


New approaches to Enhancing Human Perception – workshops held in Newcastle June 2019 This was an exciting workshop which brought together scientists, VI professionals and people with a VI to exchange ideas and experiences in sensory substitution and augmentation. The workshop was generously funded as part of a research grant from the Economic and...

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disabled woman waiting to board a train

Improving Assisted Travel

The new Accessible Travel Policy Guidance for train and station operators sets out the commitments they must include in their policies for helping disabled people to travel by rail:

Dr Karl Wall Retires:

As some of you may be aware, Dr Karl Wall has retired this year. His contribution to Habilitation and the teaching of children and young people with a visual impairment in general has been immense. It has been suggested it would be nice to recognise all of the effort he has put in by...

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HabVIUK on Facebook and Pinterest

Did you know HabVIUK has a closed members Facebook page? Find us on Habilitation VIUK on Facebook We also have a strong range of Pinterest Boards We would welcome your contributions on both these. News will appear regularly on our facebook page and on our twitter feed. Some items,  that you may...

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