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  1. Juliebunker13th February 2018

    Hello, please advise on how to proceed with payment.

    Kind regards,
    Julie Bunker

  2. gill26th February 2018

    Hi Julie

    As you are coming to the conference you can pay on the day for both membership and conference fees. As soon as these fees have been placed on our database – abt a week after the conference, I can approve you

  3. gill5th March 2018

    Hi Julie

    If you are coming to the conference you can pay then. If not you will need to send me a cheque.

    Let me know and I can then send you details if need be



  4. Alice1st October 2019


    I have received an email asking that I renew my membership which has brought me to this page but I am now qualified so no longer a student. I paid the full amount for membership at the conference earlier this year instead of the student rate but it has not been amended here. How do I update ?

  5. Suzy3112stan2nd October 2019

    Hi Alice

    I’ve updated your membership. You are no longer a student and your membership will now run out in June 2020.

    Best wishes

    Suzy McDonald

  6. Leahbowen9th January 2020

    I am a student and would like to pay for membership and the conference. Don’t have a paypal account but can send a cheque. Where do I send it and who should it be made payable to ? Thanks

  7. Kate Reed24th February 2020

    Hi Leah,

    Can you please email about this and we can send you the details.

    Kind regards,

    Kate Reed

  8. MariaH23rd April 2020

    I have been informed that I need to renew and pay my annual subscription. On logging in to do this I am classed as student. I qualified in 2016 and would normally pay full subs at the annual conference.
    Please would it be possible to change and inform of new full amount owed?
    Also I do not have a cheque book or paypal account….can I balance transfer?
    Kindest regards
    Maria Hansen

  9. Kate Reed7th May 2020

    Hi Maria,

    Can you email us at and we will sort this out for you.

    Kind regards,


  10. marie17th October 2020

    Hi Kate, I notice my subscription is down as student. I think there may have been an error with our admin as myself and Stuart thought the membership for last year had been paid. If I send a cheque to Priestley Smith School will that reactivate my membership?


  11. Kate Reed20th October 2020

    Hi Marie,

    That will be fine, then Suzy can authorise your membership once she receives it.

    Kind regards,

    Habilitation VI UK Secretary

  12. Janet Ferguson25th January 2022

    Hi, my renewal comes up as student. I am no longer a student. Is there another option to pay as full member?

  13. Suzy3112stan26th January 2022

    Hi Janet

    Hope you got my direct reply. Please shout if you have any issues.

    Best wishes.

    Suzy McDonald
    Habviuk Treasurer

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