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Highway Code Changes 2022

As of the 29th January 2022, new rules have been introduced to the Highway Code to improve safety for all road users. Some of these changes have been implemented specifically to improve safety for pedestrians. Below we have highlighted these key changes and how they may affect CYPVIs.

People crossing the road at junctions

  • When people are crossing or waiting to cross at a junction, other traffic should give way. (Rule 8)
  • If people have started crossing and traffic wants to turn into the road, the people crossing have priority and the traffic should give way
  • People driving, riding a motorcycle or cycling must give way to people on a zebra crossing and people walking and cycling on a parallel crossing. (A parallel crossing is similar to a zebra crossing, but includes a cycle route alongside the black and white stripes)

Rule 8

“At a junction. When you are crossing or waiting to cross the road, other traffic should give way. Look out for traffic turning into the road, especially from behind you, and cross at a place where drivers can see you. If you have started crossing and traffic wants to turn into the road, you have priority and they should give way”

As mentioned above, new guidelines state that traffic should give way to those waiting at junctions. CYP’s may notice an increase in cars stopping to let them cross, this can cause uncertainty when trying to identify a safe time to cross. In these situations, we advise all CYP to wave cars on or to step back/turn away to make it clear to drivers they are not crossing.

Rule 19

“Zebra crossings. Give traffic plenty of time to see you and to stop before you start to cross. Vehicles will need more time when the road is slippery. Wait until traffic has stopped from both directions or the road is clear before crossing. Remember that traffic does not have to stop until someone has moved onto the crossing. Drivers and riders should give way to pedestrians waiting to cross and MUST give way to pedestrians on a zebra crossing. Keep looking both ways, and listening, in case a driver or rider has not seen you and attempts to overtake a vehicle that has stopped”

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