The Offical Highway Code graphic

Highway Code Changes 2022

As of the 29th January 2022, new rules have been introduced to the Highway Code to improve safety for all road users. Some of these changes have been implemented specifically to improve safety for pedestrians. Below we have highlighted these key changes and how they may affect CYPVIs. People crossing the road at junctions When...

A graphic with a dark blue background and a white curved header, text reads Habilitation VI UK Virtual Conference 2022 Wednesday 2nd March

Hab VI UK Virtual Conference 2022

We are delighted to announce our first conference of the year will take place on Wednesday 2nd March 2022! Once again, this year’s conference will be held virtually. The theme of this year’s online HabVIUK conference is Early Years. Our speakers this year are fantastic, with Andrew Miller, lead optometrist at Birmingham Focus as our...

The omni sense cane tip. 4 grey wheels each made with 4 horizontal spinning orange rollers are attached in pairs either side of a black axle. The axle is attached to the bottom of a cane.

Omni-Sense Cane Tip Review

We recently had the opportunity to test a new style cane tip developed by Australian company Omnia. The tip features the company’s “Omni-Wheel” technology, initially designed for factory conveyor lines, the wheels allow 360° movement in all directions. The unique design of the Omni-Sense promises many benefits over a conventional cane tip including; improved tactile...

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